Tuesday, June 30, 2009

myTinyTodo v1.2 beta

My vacation is over and here is the new version of myTinyTodo - v1.2 beta. As for now only for tests.

Download | Demo

To update v1.1 just replace files from source excluding directory 'db'. Then run 'update_110_120.php' to update database.

What's new
  • Due dates (format: y-m-d, m/d/y, d.m.y, m/d, d.m) and filters
  • Sortings
  • Clickable URLs
  • Tag cloud
  • Autotagging feature (when add task under tag filter) (can disable in config)
  • Number of priorities decreased to [-1,0,+1,+2 ]
  • Some redesign (added icons based on Silk Icons set)
Info for translators
  • Strings changed: tagfilter, tagfilter_cancel.
  • Added: sortByHand, sortByPriority, sortByDueDate, due, daysago, indays, months_short, date_md, date_ymd, today, yesterday, tomorrow, f_past, f_today, f_soon.
  • Removed: return_view.

Update 2009-07-19: New beta available.


  1. Hey Max, I am trying your application and after installation and DB creation I just cant use the TODO... if I try to add some event I receive the message "Some error occurred"... How can I debug it? Is there a log for it?
    André Drummond

  2. You can look for errors in webserver error log.

  3. Hi Max,

    First off, thanks for the nifty myTinyTodo application! If you are looking for high-quality icons for myTinyTodo's interface, you might want to try Fugue http://www.pinvoke.com/ It's slick and not as (mis)used as the Silk icon set.

  4. Hi Max,

    I think I spotted a tiny bug in 1.2 beta. When I click on the Delete button, the task is deleted but it doesn't disappear from the list, unless I reload the page.

  5. @Dmitri: What browser (and version) do you use?

  6. Firefox 3.0 and Firefox 3.5 on Ubuntu Jaunty.

  7. Can you repeat this bug on http://www.pozdeev.com/mytinytodo/demo/ ?

  8. Your demo works just fine. Maybe there is something wrong with my installation. I upgraded it from 1.1.1 to 1.2. Could this be the reason?

  9. Could you please send me your installed script with database file (or dump) on maxpozdeev + gmail.com?

  10. Hi Max,

    version 1.2 beta is nice. I missing something like JAVA CALENDAR for put date to DUE field. And if i use nation format for date, save and view again, is there US format, it is not good.

    And last, it is possible if edit task, shown bellow all TAGS, becouse i dont remember all tag which i used before.

  11. Also if we can have a template system for repetitive todos it will be nice. For example before the launch of website there is a sample checklist, so we can save the checklist as a to-do list template and for every project I simply can use the same list so all the todos will be created with one click.

  12. I also have the same problem with deleting max.
    Same as you Dmitri

  13. @naynesh: Could you please send me your installed script with database file (or dump) on maxpozdeev + gmail.com? You can change contents of tasks.

  14. I found the bug with task removal. It will be fixed in beta 2, soon available.