Sunday, July 19, 2009

myTinyTodo v1.2 beta 2

New beta version of myTinyTodo is available.
Download | Demo

License: GPL v3

To update v1.1 just replace files from source excluding directory 'db'. Then run 'update_110_120.php' to update database.

What's new
  • Bugs fixed
  • Added calendar for easy selecting due date. Your can select dispaly format of due date in edit form in config file (Y-M-D, M/D/Y, D.M.Y)
  • Changes in session handling. Now you can select to store session files in separate directory (useful on shared hosting). Enabled by default for new installations (see db/config.php for details). Be sure that directory 'tmp/sessions' is writable for webserver/php.

Info for translators
  • Added string: days_min.

Update: released v1.2 final


  1. You know what would be cool? If there was an option to create an account and store your list for your account.

  2. What kind of account do you mean? To allow multiple users in the script?